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    About update problems


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    About update problems Empty Server problems? [read]

    Post by SkulFluk on Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:36 am

    Hey guys ,well if you have any update problems and stuff..
    or any problem with the files you can download teamviewer from
    This program will let people remote support your computer
    which means..
    that you enter the program and he enter's it
    and then you give him your ID/PASS that you will get after entering teamviewer
    and he will be able to control your computer and help you
    it's NOT dangerous
    it has NO viruses
    and it's COMPLETELY secure.
    if you see that your partner does something you don't want him to do
    you can just quit the program easly:D
    Watch this video it will help you understand how to use TeamViewer.

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