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    My epic Gm aplication :D

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    My epic Gm aplication :D Empty My epic Gm aplication :D

    Post by Blazeforlife on Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:15 pm

    Name: my name is armen, my in game name will be Blazeforlife

    Age: im 16 years old

    Country:i live in California, L.A

    State: L.A

    Do you speek and understand english well?: yes i do. i speak and understand english very well

    msn:i dont have one because it does not work for me but i have a yahoo messanger.

    Personality(short and sweet please): i am mature, nice, outgoing, fun to get along with, trustworty, and can make friends easly

    Communication ability(how many hours are you on a day?): as much as u guys need me to be on im rarly busy so i will be on alot

    Are you mature?(no kicking,d.cing people for no reason,no abusing powers): yes i am mature.

    Previous Experience(gm on any other server?): i have been a gm in many servers most of them failed because of bad owners. i have alot of experience.

    Pros (good things about you): alot i don like to brag but if u must now u can talk to me

    Cons (bad things about you): i will get rlly mad if i see a hacker i would ban him right there that second i wont give them a chance or warning.

    Anything else?: yes just hope you accept me to your community =D

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    My epic Gm aplication :D Empty Re: My epic Gm aplication :D

    Post by daniel131605 on Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:24 pm


    My epic Gm aplication :D Hte3b4

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