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    Morality's GM app.

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    Morality's GM app. Empty Morality's GM app.

    Post by Morality on Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:41 am

    Hello there guys,

    Introduction: Hello there, my real name is Trung and my ingame name would be Morality. I've played quite a lot of private server gunz and had been a GM on two or three private server gunz, which were Iced and Azure; forgot the third one > . <. I'm pretty outgoing and friendly when it comes to conversations. Sad to say, but I do role play. But in my opinion, role playing online is what keeps others and me entertained.

    Here's the real app:

    Name: Trung

    Age: 16

    Country: California

    State: United States

    Do you speak and understand English well?: Yes, I can speak and write fluently in two languages: Vietnamese and English.


    Personality(short and sweet please): Nice, well tempered, outgoing, caring, sweet and fun to talk with.

    Communication ability(how many hours are you on a day?): I could be on everyday, but if I'm offline and you need me on, just go on aim and yell at me <3.
    Aim: Anime0drawer

    Are you mature?(no kickig,d.cing people for no reason,no abusing powers): I'm 16, ofc I am mature, but I would never respect amateurs only if they should little manners.

    Previous Experience(gm on any other server?): I've been GM for two or three servers: Iced and Azure (Both are dead)

    Pros (good things about you): Outgoing, easy to talk to,
    Knows well when to d/c players.
    Knows the rules (Ofc.<3.)
    Glad to help.

    Cons (bad things about you): Idk, name them. Very Happy

    Anything else?: Hai there! Love to be aside to help! Oh, and I just noticed, server's bgm songs are smashing! I love shadow of the day by Linkin park.

    Thank You,
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    Morality's GM app. Empty Re: Morality's GM app.

    Post by Blazeforlife on Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:49 am

    Well in my opinion its a rlly good i think he shud be hired but not my choice D:
    lets see wat dainel has to say

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    Morality's GM app. Empty Re: Morality's GM app.

    Post by daniel131605 on Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:58 am

    good app, Ill think about it Smile make sure to check the rules before applying if u didn't already

    Morality's GM app. Hte3b4

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    Morality's GM app. Empty Re: Morality's GM app.

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