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    GM application format!


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    GM application format! Empty GM application format!

    Post by daniel131605 on Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:31 am





    Do you speek and understand english well?:


    Personality(short and sweet please):

    Communication ability(how many hours are you on a day?):

    Are you mature?(no kickig,d.cing people for no reason,no abusing powers):

    Previous Experience(gm on any other server?):

    Pros (good things about you):

    Cons (bad things about you):

    Anything else?:


    ::this does not get added but you must read::


    This will be reviewd by: Daniel131605

    if we like your app we will accept you as a [trial]* first then move you up if you do good,

    BUT if only 2 of the four of us don't like this app you will be declined

    you may make a new app in 7 days, (please wait your turn for your app, your not the only one here)

    also if you don't follow this format you will automaticly be decline the position

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